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Parvati Records  
PRVCD21 VA_Parvatrip-2
Release Date: March 7th 2011

PRVCD20 Gappeq- Made of cla
y "Out of Stock"
PRVCD1 to 16 "Out of Stock"
PRVCD19 VA -Braincrewz "Out of Stock"
PXPCD02 VA_Pearls and pixies - 2
"Out of Stock"

Agartha Records         
Abstract Liquid  Patterns 
Release Date: March 18th 2011

Tantrumm Records
Psykovksy&Friends - NaVeKa PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY
Release Date: May 6th 2011

Orestis Album - Recursive Consciousness
Release Date:2010 
Psykovsky Album - Tanetsveta 
Release Date:2010
VA_Freshly Squeezed
VA_Peace for the Wicked
VA_Tempus Viator
Jelly Headz Album - Pollution Violence Technology
VA_Nritya Shastra
Stranger Album - Aggressive Manners
VA_Magnum Opus
Psykovsky Album - Da budget
Temple Twister Records
VA_Zoomorphic Rituals

Release Date: March 2nd 2011

DiscoValley Records
Dark Elf: World Liquid Domination
Release Date:2010

Fraktal Noise: Bionic Brain

Release Date:2010

VA Triton

VA 1001 Nights

VA Chaporas Tribal Dance

VA Dark Side Of Goa
VA Hasta Las Patillas
VA Psycho Cell 
VA Acid Mutants 

Tremors Underground
VA_Swamp Fever
Release Date: February 16th 2011

Hobo Films:
The City of Light - A Psychedelic Story (DVD)
Release Date: 2011

Ganja tree Records
Psygaus - From here to infinity
Release Date: 2011

Active Meditation Music
VA_Mind War
Release Date: 2010
VA_Bounty Hunters "Available soon"
Release Date: 2010

Biomechanix Records:
Pharmcore - Natures Twist
Release Date: 2011

No Comment Records
NCRCD003 Multi Evil- The Multiplication of Evil
Release Date: 2010
NCRCD004 LAB - Roleplayers
Release Date: 2010

Dark Prisma Records:
Va_Blue Prints
Release Date:February 2011
Va - The Bestiary
Va- The Void disentegration
Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra
Heterogenesis Album

Rockendeshi Productionz
VA Jigoku
Release Date: March 2011
VA Killerz 
Release Date: 2010
Wierd Basslines - Khoas Sector
Release Date: 2010

Shaman Film Records
VA Apocalyptic Ritual
Release Date: March 2011
VA 2012 there is no return
FraggleTrollet - Playground of Spirit
VA Enter Mitnal

Tzolkin Productions
In Lak'ech (CD)
Release Date: 2011

Sita Records
Goalien - Psychedelic Dilemma
Release Date: 2011

Mind Funk Music:
Assault Junkies vs. Peace Ka – Persistent Psychedelic Particles 
Release Date: 2011

Blue Hour Sounds
VA Garden Of Delights
Release Date: 2011

Lost theory Records:
VA- Forest Frequencies
Release Date: 2010

Lycantrop Records
VA Hybrid Evolution
Release Date: 2010
VA Lycans Meet
VA Distorted Shire

TreeTrolla Records:
Va-Umcherrel - The First Tale

Yggdrassil Records
Va - Yggdrassil Sounds I and II

Osom Music
Va_Midnight's shared Blossom
Release Date: 2008
Crazy Astronaut Album Renegade
Release Date: 2009
Kindzaza Album Insoluble
Release Date: 2010
Select Project Album Rimana
Release Date: 2010

Pleiadian Records

VA - Denza del venado
Release Date: 2008
Audiopathik - Over the Edge
VA - Pleiadian Connection

Bhoostheshwara Records

VA - Depth of Ankh
VA - Surreal Detachment 
Blisargon Demogargon and Friends
Trymbaka - The color of time
VA - Future memory


ARRIVING SOON (updated 12th April 2011)

Anamolistic Catalog, Echo Vortex Catalog(With New Cd) Quantum Frog Catalog(With New Cds)


VA_Prakriti Engine 2:Beyond Atom
Polyphonia - Beyond The Ocean of Time
on Quantam Frog

Jibber Jabber/ Alien Mental/ Zik Split Album on Echo Vortex

New VA Disco Valley 

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